2 August 2023

Your EA 2023:
CBA walk away from the negotiating table

Can you believe it? CBA have now walked away from the negotiating table!

CBA sought your feedback because they were not confident in their proposed offer. We also consulted closely with members and it’s become abundantly clear that CBA needs to do better.

After we met with CBA last Friday, they were only willing to make small adjustments to their current offer. CBA are now insisting on going ahead with the pay increases in October, even though this pay increase is insufficient and without even giving us an opportunity to vote.

CBA can and must do better


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CBA’s pay offer is not enough. Why?


  • CBA is the most profitable bank in Australia and can afford to pay you more.
  • You need a fair and decent pay rise that helps with skyrocketing cost of living.
  • You deserve to be recognised for your hard work and contribution.
  • CBA is proposing to pay you less than colleagues at NAB and ANZ.


This is our opportunity to send CBA a clear message – sign our petition and tell CBA it must do better.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary