CBA Doesn’t Have A Staffing Problem?

As negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement continue, we are committed to addressing the issues that matter the most, including pay and super, safe workloads, and secure jobs.

Recently, we met with CBA negotiators who claimed that staffing and workloads are not systemic issues. We know this is plainly wrong.

Members like you from across the country have shared stories of being unable to take breaks, having to work unpaid overtime, not getting leave approved, and struggling with a lack of staff cover.

Our own survey results show that only 22% of respondents feel they have adequate staff to meet workload demands. Frustrated customers are waiting for hours in branches and on the phone, impacting our ability to deliver quality service.

Here is what you have told us so far:


  • “Absolutely appalling work conditions. Less and less staff. No overtime unless it is to complete mandatory training so that CBA can meet its regulatory obligations. Continually hearing the words from senior management when concerns are raised, ’it is what it is’.”
  • “People can’t get through to the call centres, hence they are coming into branches and wasting more of their frustrated time. Staff pressure = more mistakes! Mental wellbeing needs to be addressed and staff are stressed and over worked!”
  • “The nearby branch was closed early 2022 and we copped a much higher customer flow, with upset customers to boot. We are a small branch and have no extra quota or assistance to manage the extra workload on top of our own regular workload.”


We will be meeting with CBA again in the next fortnight and this will be our opportunity to tell CBA exactly how it is.

Please share your stories of understaffing and workload issues with us. Your details will be kept confidential, we will only share your story.

SHare your stories

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary