7 June 2023

Return to work mandate – Add your voice to hundreds of CBA colleagues

Thank you to the hundreds of workers across CBA (including Bankwest) who have signed our petition calling on CBA Group Executive Sian Lewis to repeal the return to office (at least 50% of the month) mandate and engage in proper consultation with us.

It’s fantastic to see so many of you getting involved in this important campaign. You’ve told us about the impact this mandate would have on you, including:

  • detrimental changes to your work/life balance
  • increased costs due to the commute to and from the office
  • those who have taken on or who have caring responsibilities
  • extra costs incurred forchildcare and/or out-of-hours school care
  • concerns from those who have moved away from office locations due to the ability to work remotely
  • concerns from new employees who have only commenced with CBA due to the ability to work remotely
  • some employees expressing that they will look for employment elsewhere.

We have written to Sian Lewis seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the mandate and the concerns you’ve raised.

You can read our letter here

We want Sian and CBA to hear directly from you about your concerns so if you’re interested in being part of the FSU delegation at this meeting, please reply to this email.

Sign the petition today

If you haven’t already, join hundreds of your CBA and Bankwest colleagues by adding your name to the petition.

Sign the petition

Don’t forget to share the petition with your colleagues and encourage them to sign too. The more of us who add our names, the stronger our voices will be. If you’re not already an FSU member, you can join today here.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary